Welcome to The Portrait Lounge

he Portrait Lounge is an elegant alternative to the traditional photo booth, giving you and your guests endless options to take unique, creative portraits. Created as a boutique portrait studio for your event, our Lounge consists of a large pipe & drape "room" with beautiful white fabric walls. There is no photographer inside, instead, guests operate a state of the art touch screen camera to snap each portrait, ensuring relaxed, uninhibited photographs. And because anywhere from 1-8 guests can fit into each shot, you'll see unexpected and spontaneous combinations, with different groups creating memories independent of the event photographers images. Upon exiting the booth, each guest will instantly receive prints from their portrait session. We've taken great care to give our Lounge a high end feel to seamlessly compliment your event. Aside from our wonderful collection of antique cameras, we also provide a thoughtful selection of fun, vintage props to encourage guests to use their imaginations, strike a pose and have a great time!